This page is dedicated to our pets we have loved and sadly lost over the years.  We have been so honoured to have shared our lives with them.  They are also sorely missed but will never be forgotten.

Ch Burneze Just Anny Lusion at Lorbri


Peggy, our first Champion girl, we will miss her smiles so much

2001 - 2016

Juadsa Honky Tonk Woman at Lorbri


Chloe, our wee character! Lived to the grand old age of just over 17.

1995 - 2012

Ch Juadsa Wired for Sound


George, our very special boy and first Champion.  Never forgotten, one in a million.

1996 - 2011

Juadsa Celtic Song at Lorbri


Fay, our first show westie. This little girl taught us so much.

1993 - 2009

Sparkling White Rosie


Crystal, our first pet Westie.  A sweet little girl, always remembered.

1989 - 2001